Read The DARA Rehab Reviews- Looking At Overseas Rehab Resorts

DARA Rehab reviews – anyone suffering from alcohol or drug addiction issues would be well advised to take a long look.

What is DARA?

DARA is the leading international destination for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery in Asia; in this article, we talk about Dara rehab reviews and what past and present clients have to say. Enjoy!

Its founders have personal experience of the recovery process and are passionately committed to offering luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation through effective addiction treatment programs that are accessible to anyone who requires such help.

Dara Rehab Reviews and Thailand Contact and Phone number

Such services are also eminently affordable and a 4-week residential stay at one of their 2 establishments in Thailand has been subsidized to the tune of more than 60%. Such a stay now starts at just US$ 4,995 as opposed to US$ 15,000.

Where exactly are these luxury rehab resorts?

As mentioned, these inpatient rehab resorts are in Thailand. The first is in the charming rural Thai town of Chanthaburi, known as the ‘city of the moon’.

The second is their flagship location which is situated on Thailand’s second largest island: Koh Chang (Elephant Island).

What is offered?

Those reading DARA Rehab reviews will find extensive information on both rehabilitation resorts here. Brief highlights include:

DARA Chanthaburi:

This luxurious establishment employs 20 full time staff which includes 5 internationally certified therapists. It offers personalized four, eight and twelve week rehabilitation programs based around their trademarked “Steps to Recovery”.

This is a 12 step based treatment program that is governed by Integrated Treatment Model (ITM). It is a modality that combines physical, social, psychological and spiritual aspects through a variety of individual and group orientated activities.

DARA Koh Chang:

Their flagship location combines an intensive rehabilitation centre with a luxury hotel. It employs 50 full time staff which includes 15 internationally certified therapists. It also offers four, eight and twelve week rehabilitation programs.

These programs are exclusively based around the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatment philosophy governed by ITM. This modality also combines physical, social, psychological and spiritual aspects through a variety of individual and group orientated activities.

There are a variety of luxurious accommodation options at both establishments and the DARA Rehab reviews praise this accommodation as well as the luxurious and comprehensive facilities both offer.

Check Out This Dara Rehab Client, Chris from Australia, and what he had to say.


There are a myriad reasons why those with drug and alcohol addiction problems should choose DARA. Here are just 6:


The professionalism of their staff is unquestioned. This is proven in the fact that that only full-time internationally certified addiction and mental health counsellors who are experts in their area of specialization are employed.

This is backed up by DARA being a member of the long-established National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).


The beautiful settings of the 2 luxury rehab resorts and the facilities and treatment methods offered are second to none. Everything is in place to ensure you are as relaxed as possible and ready to face what will undoubtedly be a tough period of your life.

Such an ambience and setting is completely conducive to giving you the best possible chance of kicking your habit and staying clean for the long term.


Not only is the cost of a stay at DARA Rehab amazing value, it also has to be pointed out that they are an in-network provider for many of the leading medical insurance companies. DARA has a streamlined process of admission which allows the client enrollment process to run smoothly.

Their insurance experts will guide clients through the admission process, thus avoiding time-consuming and frustrating pitfalls in determining insurance coverage.

Strict but fair rules:

Any rehabilitation centre worth its salt needs to have strict but fair rules in place. When reading and watching DARA rehab reviews you will quickly see that an eminently sensible rules structure is in place.

Such rules and regulations will be clearly explained to clients. Once understood and agreed then arranging a stay and treatment can begin in earnest.

Prompt, individual and personalized treatment:

DARA Rehab does not have long waiting lists for client admission. They believe it is vital that those suffering from addiction should be treated in as timely a manner as possible.

They also treat clients on an individual and personalized basis. Everyone is different and every addict has their own personal situation and issues to deal with.

The DARA team of counsellors and medical professionals will treat each individual as just that: Individual.

Respect and ongoing aftercare:

The founders and staff at DARA believe mutual respect is a fundamental requirement if a person suffering from drug or alcohol addiction is to succeed in their ultimate goal of getting clean and staying clean for the long term.

This mutual respect will be built up during a client’s stay, and it will not end upon departure. Another vital cog in fighting and beating addiction is aftercare.

When you read various DARA Rehab reviews you will see that flexible, sensible aftercare options are offered.

This is yet another reason why DARA Thailand should be your first and only choice for rehabilitation no matter how deeply entrenched your current addiction is.

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